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Wine List & Wine Cocktails-Powai Wine are about friendship, community, family and romance. Out Of The Blue wine programs builds on this idea to make wine accessible, fun and a variety to make it an everyday experience. We serve wine in Riede...

The Wine Tasting Marathon at Out of the Blue Powai

Powai was witness to yet another first last evening – a Wine tasting session ! As a part of their tenth anniversary celebrations, Out of the Blue organized an evening of wine tasting for it’s patrons. Conducted by Wine Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal from, it was an evening of fun & learning !

Reveilo Wines- An Introduction

Reveilo Wines

Since its inception, the hallmark of Reveilo has been our unwavering commitment to quality over quantity. From the vine to the bottle, the mission is simply to improve the quality of each vintage.  By taking utmost care in each and every step of the grape growing and wine-making process, Reveilo has consistently delivered outstanding wines for every occasion. The guiding philosophy behind Reveilo is: To offer a fresh, fruit-driven, easy drinking wine that can be consumed without years of cellaring with excellent value and consistency.

Vallonne Merlot Magic

Shailendra Pai

Shailendra Pai Managing Director and CEO Vallonne wines introduces the magic of Merlot varietal. He traces the rise and fall of Merlot varietal because of popular television. He introduces Vallonne Merlot the characteristics of the wine and recommended food and wine pairing.

Annual #Chardonnay Day

Chardonnay day

Celebrate #Chardonnay at Out Of The Blue. Fetaure pricing, tweet ups, wine trails. Read on to know more.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Merlot

Merlot Favourite Varietal

Merlot is a favourite varietal at Out Of The Blue. The article showcases the history and merlot wines at Out Of The Blue. Out Of The Blue the best wine place in Mumbai.

Why Do I Involve In Myself In a Restaurant

Happy Place

Aakanksha Gupta speak of a restaurant as her "Happy Place" and why feedback is so important.

Reveiw Santa Carolina Premio Red

Review of Chilean Wine

When you experience Santa Carolina Premio Red you are not just having a nice wine but a 200 year old heritage.

Wine in Carafe More Wine for Less

Wine in Carafe

Wine in Carafe allows for better quality by aeartion of wines. Provides better value by providing more wine for less. Allows you to try excellent quality of wines without trying a bottle.